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Siswan is an ecolodge founded on ecotourism principles. Our goal is to share the untamed beauty of the Siswan with our visitors while following environmental and conservation practices. By teaching both visitors and locals about the value of maintaining the Siswan for future generations, we hope to teach about and implement sustainable practices and preserve this unique area.

What is eco-tourism?
“Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local peoples.”
- All nature-based forms of tourism to observe and appreciate nature as well as traditional cultures in the area.
- Contains educational and interpretive features.
- Organized for small groups by specialized and locally owned businesses.
- Minimizes negative impacts on the natural and sociol cultural environment.
- Supports the protection of natural areas by:
1) generating benefits for the local community
2) creating jobs and income for local communities; and
3) increasing awareness among locals and tourists of the need to conserve natural and cultural assets.



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Living Siswan
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