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The Siswan Jungle Lodge is situated in a privileged location between the periphery of Chandigarh and Shivalik Foothills. It is located in unspoiled ecosystem of Siswan Forest which is rich in flora and fauna. To the north of the forest are various river lets passing through the Kikkar and khair forest and lot of green foliage and to the south is the Siswan Dam spread in around 2 square kms. Within the reserve we have over 5000 hectares (12,355 acres) of virgin primary forest and about 800 hectares (2000 acres) of secondary forest. In order to give our guests the opportunity to live the Siswan fullly, we have 8 bedroom accommodation in our small but luxury Lodge

Siswan Jungle Lodge, is situated on the edge of Siswan forest and overlooking Kasauli hills with many facilities our guests can enjoy. It offers spacious accommodations in an idyllic forestside location. We are also happy to design a customized package with our guests to suit individual interests.




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